Sewa Apartemen Harian di Bintaro

Kondisi Barang : Extra

Harga : Rp. 350.000

Lokasi Peddler : Banten

Sewa apartemen Bintaro Mall Residences

Apartment construction First name: Bintaro Mall Residences
House: Samping Shopping estate Bintaro Mall- Bintaro Jaya Sektor 3
Tower/Baffle/Check over: Altiz / Median Zone Lantai 8 / Bring collectively and Capital
Mass: 31.3 m2
Bedroom: Studio
Bathroom: 1
Affect positive: Full furnished
Gift: Swimming bring collectively, diminutive maret, laundry, Shopping estate Bintaro Mall, provisions and beverages, flexible antechamber, and cr?che, surrounded by and open-air parking, 24 hours wellbeing logic including CCTV, smart ticket lobby, wifi.
Bonus Report: Bintaro Mall Residences is extremely accurate to Pondok Ranji rank. Interval early the house to the rank is release chic this vicinity 500 m.
Rent Payment: Rp 350.000/hari
Supporter Digit: 08 999112502

Sewa apartemen harian di Bintaro

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